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Where Do You Find Grade 1 Titanium Being Used?

The typical application for grade 1 titanium is areas looking for corrosion resistance such as the chemical and marine industries. It is the first of four commercially pure titanium grades. It is the softest and most ductile of these grades and it possesses the greatest formability, excellent corrosion resistance, and high impact toughness.

It is also used in airframe construction where maximum ease of formability is desired. Grade 1 titanium in aerospace and airframe construction can include the structural honeycomb as well as the aircraft skin. To meet the high temperature demands grade 1 titanium is used along with other heat-resistant superalloys.

In the field of medicine, grade 1 titanium is used many times in implantable devices like battery cathodes and connectors. Since it is a bio-compatible material it has become one of the go-to metals for lifesaving and life-improving medical implants and devices. It is non-toxic and not absorbed by the body, so is commonly used for bone stabilizers and can also be used to enhance hearing for those with impairments.

Additionally, grade 1 titanium is used in the evaporator of seawater desalination plants. It has strong corrosion resistance to chlorine and is the preferred material for heat exchangers of seawater desalination equipment in the marine industry. Grade 1 Titanium's low specific gravity, high specific strength, and high corrosive resistance continue to keep it at the forefront of chemical processing.

Similarly well-known is the ability of the metal to survive in aggressive oil refinery environments. Titanium has shown in recent years the resistance to conditions encountered in oil and gas extraction. It is frequently selected as the first choice for marine and offshore piping systems. Grade 1 titanium is commonly used but higher grades are often used in higher-pressure pipelines, heat exchangers, and processing plants.

Overall grade 1 titanium use across a wide variety of industries has opened the door for titanium suppliers to provide materials that can be life-saving and offer a tremendous benefit to protect the environment.