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TMS Titanium Still Going Strong After 15 Years

Since 2006 TMS Titanium has taken pride in being a leader

in customer service, with the ability to supply titanium mill products in a

reliable and effective manner all over the world. With their headquarters in

Poway, California, TMS Titanium has a full-time staff including sales

associates and marketers who are knowledgeable in the different titanium

markets and manufacturing requirements of the multiple industries. This year they

are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary of servicing industries including racing,

aerospace and medical. Additionally, designers from many different commercial

industries bring their ideas to life through their relationship with TMS, from

jewelry to transportation to marine to tactical. Throughout their anniversary

year TMS will be engaging the public through social media promotions and

including a commemorative logo on various race teams and products.

“We have seen our titanium race into more winner's

circles than we can count but the fact our titanium has saved people's lives on

the racetrack is a tremendous source of pride," said Todd Harrison, President/CEO

of TMS Titanium. “In addition to racing we are improving people's lives through

implants and tooling for surgeries and we have seen our titanium soar across

the skies and into outer space with our aerospace partners. It has been an

amazing journey over the past fifteen years and we are continuing to improve

our customer service and breadth of products. Our plan is to continue in

racing, aerospace, medical, industrial, tactical and many other market segments

to move our customers forward."

From left: Jeff Lutz, Todd Harrison, James Hostetler and Clay Millican

Driven by their passion for the auto racing industry, TMS

supplies teams with the titanium products needed in order to increase

performance of race cars and meet the critical weight regulations imposed

across different racing series. With a particular focus on driver protection

TMS Titanium makes it possible for teams to build cars that are not only

light-weight, but strong, flexible, heat-resistant, and reliable to protect

drivers without sacrificing car performance.

“For 15 years we have been demystifying Titanium," added

James Hostetler, Vice-President TMS Titanium. “Our goal from day one was to

make it available for all and we enjoy supporting the capabilities of our

customers and seeing their results. I have said for many years that Titanium is

a Wonder Metal!"

In the aerospace industry fuel-efficient aircrafts are

becoming highly sought-after and TMS has provided the advantage of titanium's

high strength-to-weight ratio, to minimize long-term costs for their customers.

They work with a trusted network of suppliers to facilitate the high demand of

the aerospace market with detailed documentation, prompt customer service and

expedited processing, with every order. Jet engine and airframe parts need to

be able to withstand the pressures of high altitude service, making titanium

ideal for optimal performance.

TMS has been supporting the medical community with

titanium for many years, and their customers have been able to supply their

clients and patients with safe, lightweight materials meeting all of the

current medical standards. Thanks to its high strength, lightness, and bio-inert

qualities, TMS' medical grade titanium has been helping medical professionals

care for their patients with titanium instruments, implants, hardware and more.