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The Holidays are Around the Corner So Let's Put Our Projects on a Diet

If you think your race car is at 'minimum' weight and that's ok…take a tip from the master

“Anything we could do to take weight out of the race cars, that would allow us to add ballast in a more desirable place, I was all about that." - Ray Evernham

Ray recently had success with the inaugural season of SRX Racing and TMS was there to help. There were several spots
that TMS Titanium helped Ray and the guys with on with these cars. One being weight, the other being the heat. Titanium is the solution that is a win for
safety, driver comfort,
and winning advantage!

We all heard drivers like Michael Waltrip complain about feet burning up-- That means there is an area that can be improved by
TMS Titanium.
Titanium is an incredible heat barrier often used in shielding turbos and other things that get hot under the hood. Replacing the sheet metal interior will save some weight, keep the heat under control, and allow the driver to focus on making that corner. Titanium metal can replace a steel piece and help save on weight. Saving on the weight helps both on the
deceleration into the corner and of course the acceleration out of the corner.

Top Gear
recently listed the 19 lightest performance cars and you guessed it Titanium was a big player in almost all of them. Check out the list

Finally with the 2021
SEMA show has just concluded one of the standout stories was the variety of racing packages and cars unveiled by Team Honda, and once again Titanium played a role in making their off-road packages lighter and stronger.

Titanium is a wonder metal!

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