Download the Builder’s Guide to Titanium for Racing

  • July 23, 2015

For the first time ever, we’ve developed a specific guide to titanium usage for car builders. This hard cover guide was recently released as a digital download and made available to our full audience. A handy 12-page download, the guide covers why titanium is a good choice for racing, where and how titanium can be used, and even delves into the specific areas where builders are choosing to add titanium to their vehicles – from body trees to clutches and flywheels, to fasteners, bell housings and driver protection.

Titanium is used across many of the top racing series today, and as the official supplier of titanium to the IHRA, TMS has a unique insight into why this metal is such an important choice for builders. Whether one is looking for high strength, light weight, or heat and corrosion resistance, the versatility of TMS allows the racing community to continue to innovate, with the end goal of building the ultimate race car. Get your free download of the Builder’s Guide to Titanium for Racing here.