A Tale of Two Titaniums

  • March 11, 2020

How diverse is titanium from TMS? Take a look at these two amazing projects. First our friends at Titans of CNC Academy took an Apple Watch to the next level.

They machined a killer titanium case for an Apple watch. They designed a case that was basically two pieces that snap together to create one unified look. Using Mastercam programming they were able design a perfect case and then with 6AL-4V TMS titanium they cut it down with a Schunk Tormach 770M. It was a two-step process. They machined one side and then flipped the titanium to machine the other side. Using an existing titanium band the guys created the self-described “baddest Apple Watch in history of the planet.”

Check out the video of the process here:

On the other end of the spectrum Kurt Durjan the Chief Ninja from KurTrox is using TMS Titanium to build their latest weapon, Axe 3.0, for BattleBots. They are using our titanium in a number of places including the side plates. They are also using 6AL-4V titanium. Here are a couple sneak peek shots.: