Daily Driver to Alcohol Blown Injection

  • March 27, 2020

Signature Metal Fab is a small family owned and operated business out of South Florida, they design and build performance vehicles and components, as well as offer many Motorsports Fabrication Services. Their goal is to provide the enthusiast with a superior product, excellent service, and quality craftsmanship. There is no compromise in making a top of the line product and we are excited that they use TMS Titanium on a number of their projects.

Spencer Toot sent us some great photos of a project car he is working on. He also included some throwback photos of his dad racing this same car in the late 70s early 80s when he was about the same age as Spencer. The car started life as a daily driver, then bracket car, and then blown injected on alcohol while still driving it on the street! This is the kind of cool family history TMS is proud to be a part of.

Please share your titanium projects and project cars with us. You can email them to us at info@tmstitanium.com