CEO / President

Todd’s interest in this industry has been present and increasing ever since he was a young boy. His great-grandfather’s stories of the glory days—working in the metal and automotive industries—are perhaps the root of Todd’s passion. As Todd grew older, he worked for several other titanium companies, learning the industry and gaining both experience and expertise. Todd then took a large step towards independence; determined to launch a titanium company of his own. While most teenage boys are using their parents’ garage for band practice, Todd used that space to create the humble first location of Titanium Metal Supply in 2006.

Naturally, the space became limiting. Todd moved TMS to a warehouse in Mira Mesa and following further success, to TMS’s current location in Poway, CA.

Todd’s leadership and unique experiences are vital to the continued growth of present-day TMS Titanium. Todd, of course, is an avid car racing fan. He is married to Sarah, a special education teacher.